What is TTY Mode?

What is tty mode on a cell phone

TTY stands for teletypewriter. You must have seen the TTY mode in your phone setting and now want to know about it. So let’s discuss in detail – what is TTY mode on a cell phone and how it works? Do also check how you can activate or deactivate it on an android device!

What does TTY Mode Mean: TTY stands for TeleTypewriter. This functionality is specially built to assist deaf and hearing impaired individuals. Today many smartphones have the ability to connect to TTY devices that allow hearing-impaired people to communicate with others using a TTY device.

If your mobile has TTY mode, it can be easily connected to a TTY device, and later you can communicate with someone else who has a TTY device.

Unlike text messaging, TTY language and protocol is specially designed for instant communication. For example – the term “GA” stands for “Go Ahead”. It is basically a short text form that is used at the end of a sentence. It signifies that it is the other person’s turn to speak.

The biggest drawback of this function is that when you enable it on your phone, certain elements of your phone become unusable.

What is tty mode on a cell phoneTurn ON TTY Mode

You can connect your mobile headset to a TTY device by enabling TTY mode in your phone’s settings. You can usually find the TTY option under the General or Call settings menu.

As explained earlier, when you enable TTY mode then the device may cause you to lose the ability to receive non-TTY calls and text messages. You may also be unable to open certain applications on smartphones.

For Example: When this mode is ON then you can’t make video call. To make video call, you have to Turn OFF this mode.

Turn OFF TTY Mode

Disabling TTY mode makes your phone normal. You can use your phone to make and receive audio & video calls. You can also send the SMS (text messages) to other person without any problem.

However after turning OFF TTY mode, you will not be able to receive or make TTY phone calls.

If you’re expecting a TTY phone call on your device, then it is better to enable it first. You need to enable your TTY mode ahead of time.

TTY Mode Variants

In the smartphones you will find the 3 Variants of TTY. When you select the TTY mode to active or deactivate, you basically see the 3 variants of TTY which are – Full, HCO, and VCO.  You can enable or disable any one under general and call settings.

Head over here to see the step-by-step guide to enable or disable TTY mode in Android smartphones.

  1. TTY FULL means you have activated only text base communication. In this form and you will get and send message by typing. The incoming and outgoing message will be in text form.
  2. TTY HCO (Hearing Carry Over) means you will receive voice read incoming message and reply by typing the text message.
  3. TTY VCO (Voice Carry Over) means you will receive text message and reply by voice (you will speak the outgoing text).

I hope you understood what is TTY mode on a cell phone and how to works. So guys don’t forget to share it on social sites and keep visiting us for more tech updates!!