PlayStation 4 Slim (PS4 Slim) News: Check out design and video

PS 4 Slim
PS 4 Slim (Image Credit: Eurogmaer)

PS4 Slim News: People always talking about the new gaming consoles and new games. Today we can have many consoles like Xbox, PlayStations and other too. Daily on the internet people chatters about the latest consoles including PlayStation 4 Neo, Xbox Project Scorpio. But these days a new rumor is spread over internet about Sony’s another PS 4 product named PS 4 Slim.

PS 4 Slim
PS 4 Slim (Image Credit: Eurogamer)

Sony does not confirmed product yet but according to gossips product is already leaked out. Look out this video. A person is unboxing the PS 4 Slim (a VR based PlayStation 4).

According to Digitalspy “The PS4 Slim has already leaked online, first in a Gumtree ad (which was verified by Euro gamer who went to scout out the console in question), then in an unboxing video from YouTuber ZMZ, which has since been deleted apart from the mirror from Daily Motion above”.

Sony’s New Announcement for PS4 Slim

Sony company is set to announce its new console PS 4 Neo on the upcoming event on September 7, 2016. But according to the rumors, it is not only the single hardware to display. The PS4 Slim according to Eurogamer is a redesigned version of the original PS4 console with a smaller form factor and a slew of interesting changes.

As news already spread, the product is already captured in videos and images. You can watch video in the starting of this post. Here are the images provided by

The PS4 Slim. Photograph by Richard Leadbetter.
The PS4 Slim. Photograph by Richard Leadbetter.

PS 4 Slim

PS 4 Slim

PS 4 Slim

PS 4 Slim
Image By ZRZ

Sony will hold a New York event on 7th September, where it is set to announce the more powerful PS4, PS 4 Neo, and this PS4 Slim. The product will available after a short time of this event according to the news.

Yet Sony is not officially confirmed the existence of the PS4 Slim, still some units are developed and sold out. There is a news that one owner of the product has confirmed that it supports 5GHz Wi-Fi.

“The frequencies used by the wireless networking feature of this product are the 2.4GHz/5GHz ranges,” posted by Twitter user shortman82. He also confirmed in another tweet that the product has B/G/N/AC wifi.

He tweeted “And for those asking. Yes the slim has B/G/N/AC wifi,”.

According to this tweet, you can expect the PS4 Neo to support the 5GHz band as well.


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