Notch Display Technology: The New Revolutionary Trend Changing User Experience

Notch Display

Notch Display: The Smartphones are becoming slimmer and the bezels are slowly vanishing from the screen panel. The truth is that the increasing popularity of bezel-less infinity display is taking over the smart phone aficionados by rage.

The biggest brands like Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc jumping on the bandwagon and have started to introduce bezel-less models with Notch Display Technology.

Notch Display

This excellent and stylish display is making the phones look future-ready. In fact, almost the entire front surface can be used for display and to increase the ergonomic sense of the models.

Notch DisplaySaving Space

The original equipment manufacturers are opting for bezel-less screens so that the users can discover more aesthetics after using the newer smart phone models.

The display has increased to 18:9 ratio in order to give a better viewing. It also makes the phone huge and gives a full-feel to the hand of the holder. Even if Samsung has offered 18.5:9 in its smart phone product line, the user can hold the phones comfortably and enjoy an extended screen size.

The giant display is exceptionally useful to watch videos, check the top bar and other uses. The aspect ratio has become a little taller than the screens a few years ago.

The Notch Display Technology offers extra space for fitting more screen while leaving ample space for sensors and camera. If you recall, you will find that the middle space in the bar above remains unused unless there are a pile of notifications remaining unchecked.

Notch Display a new beautiful trend

The screen panel, when pushed to the edges, looks extremely beautiful and posh. iPhone X has literally provided the most aesthetic version of smart phones. The admirers responded well to this new bezel-less version.

The OLED panel in this version bends backward and gives ample space to push display drivers back and provide a full-screen view for the users.

Asus, Huawei, and Essential tried to enter this new segment and created notched screen but left a small chin below. This might be the reason that almost all the smart phones with Notch Display Technology do not look symmetric.

The models of Samsung bezel-less display also found good popularity. Huawei included introduced a new model P20 that successfully superimposes the notch.

The top bezel in P20 is all black but the notifications seem to float above the display giving it a new edge in the competition. In fact, this version has a better symmetry to offer.

Notch DisplayAndroid P support

Google has not responded yet to this new notch trend. Every manufacturing brand has to customize its UI for making the notch technology work.

Most of the applications fail to recognize the notch version. The latest version of Android P will give the manufacturers more freedom and flexibility to utilize the notch technology to its full potential.

The Notch Display Technology will now become more useful when Google will release the Android P version. The user interface will become more interesting and useful to all the users. Stay tuned for more updates in this segment.

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