How to Set Micro SD Card as Default Storage on Android Devices?

Do you use micro SD card? Do you want to make External MicroSD card as default storage? If your answer is yes, then in this tech post I will guide you, how can you set micro SD card as default storage on android devices (Android 6.0 Marshmallow  or above).

But before to continue, I want to tell you, why should you set micro SD card as default storage instead of internal storage.

So if you want to do anything that I have mentioned above, then pick up your android smartphone or tablet and set external micro SD card as default storage.

How to Set Micro SD Card as Default Storage on Android Devices

But, how can you exactly do it? How can you remove internal storage as default storage and set external storage as default storage?

Click Here to See Step by Step Guide to Set External Storage (SD CARD) as Default Storage on Android Devices

  1. Go To Phone Settings.
  2. Tap on Storage.
  3. Tap on SD Card (External Storage).
  4. And Tap on Ok to set it Default Write Disk.
  5. Done… You have successful set External Storage as Default Storage.

As soon as you will set up this, each and every new apps/file will install automatically in the external storage instead of phone’s internal memory.  So, if you didn’t set the default location of downloading apps and all files to external SD card, then do it now!

Keep the above steps in mind and set micro SD card as default storage on android devices.

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  1. Hello,
    i have recently purchased a Gionee F103 Pro that comes with Android Marshmallow , 16 GB internal memory , Quad Core Processor, 3 GB RAM , a rich display with no lag whatsoever.
    To be honest i’m quite satisfied with this phone. My only problem is that i can’t set the SD card as default storage. I tried the above method … went to settings > storage & usb > sd card , and upon tapping on sd card, there’s no “OK” option to set it as “default write disk”.
    Instead when i’m tapping on sd card all i can see are the files and folders that are stored under it. And so far there’s only one app under sd card that i downloaded from google play store today. It’s a bible app. Not sure how it went in there. Think you can help me out here. Thanks.

    • If you want to transfer your all downloaded apps. Go to Settings >> Apps >> (Select the app to transfer) >> After that you will get an option “Move to SD Storage”. Click on that and that app will transferred to SD storage and you will get extra space in Phone Storage. Do this for all downloaded apps.

  2. I tried to move them from phone memory to sd card but i’m getting a message that if i do so then my apps won’t work. So i’ve decided to let those existing apps sit on my phone memory.
    Now, instead of moving them from one storage space to another , i want my browser downloads and google store downloads , to go directly in my sd card … And for that i already tried the method that you posted in your article, but it didn’t work, since there’s no such option in my mobile to set my sd card as the default storage location. Any other ideas?
    Oh another thing, my phone came pre-installed with a file explorer and when i’m opening that app , it’s not reading my sd card, like i’m not seeing any option called sd card. But when i’m going to settings > storage , i can see the option sd card. 🙁 I’m really confused and don’t know what to do.

  3. No option under “SD card” to set as default.

    phone: samsung sm-g360v
    android ver: 5.1.1
    phone is rooted too

    i moved all movable apps to my SD card and they are running. still, can’t download many apps/data to the internal card. odd they make a phone for extra SD card, but one can’t make it default for downloads/installs. i can’t even get Titanium Backup to backup to the SD card or PC.

    weird, this didn’t work nor can i find an app to do this.

    appreciate your article though.

  4. I want all my internet downloads like movies (not apps) to go straight to memory card on my Lg G5 how do i do it

  5. 3. Tap on SD Card (External Storage).
    4. And Tap on Ok to set it Default Write Disk.

    No such option as “Default Write Disk”. Tapping on SD Card doesn’t do anything. Nothing happens. Certainly no new menu or screen appears.

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